Liz + Joe

I attended a wedding at the loveliest venue I have seen in quite some time. Where might you ask? Why in Chesterson, Indiana! Liz and Joe had a charming backyard wedding — complete with BBQ, family and friends playing football on the property, red velvet cake, the greatest retro playlist (Liz + all her friends are DJs), and acres of green grass + trees. Liz was glowing — she had not one, but two heavenly dresses. With a gigantic red pickup truck on location and cowboy boots on her feet — it was the perfect place to capture those six thirty golden rays.

DunesWalk Inn at the Furness Mansion is really a wonderful place for a wedding. It’s tucked away right by the Indiana Dunes… a dip in the lake would have been nice! Stephanie and Ari, the owners, remodeled the entire mansion in such a magnificent way. When doing an event at the Inn, you’re required the rent the entire home. It truly feels like you’re in a backyard of your own because nobody else is around. The lawn is spacious… you could have hundreds of friends and family in attendance! So, Midwestern grooms + brides-to-be out there still looking for a spot, it is available and ready for your 2012 wedding.

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