Black Lawrence Press

The cover image for Matthew Frank‘s newest book will be the one I created! I am so very honored. It will be published by Black Lawrence Press and I can’t wait to buy a copy to see (and read) the final product.

Frank’s book is about The Morrow Plots’ sordid and enmeshed history as an experimental cornfield and as a popular 1920s and 30s body dump. When the bodies were unearthly, unknowingly and unclaimed, the University of Illinois took ownership and used them for “experimental purposes.” Sarah (model in the photo) has an amazing tattoo of a cornstalk with the word “Illinois” written across its husk. Matt wanted to somehow include the image of Sarah’s tattoo and make it appear as though she is dead. On the day of the shoot, Sarah and I spent quite a few hours out in a sunny cornfield. She had the hardest job though: acting dead while lying face down in the mud.

Many thanks to Matthew, Caleb, and Sarah for making this opportunity happen!

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